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Haverford Art Gallery

Haverford, Pennsylvania

The project involved selecting a site on the campus of Haverford College, and designing an art gallery for the site to include exhibition spaces, an auditorium, cafe, offices, members’ lounge, and various support spaces. The design was to take into consideration factors such as climate, transportation access, views toward and from the building, sustainable design, and the often conflicting needs of natural sunlight versus the need for controlled light within the gallery spaces.

The program elements are divided between two floors, with the gallery spaces and members lounge on the upper level and the auditorium, main entry, and ancillary spaces on the lower level. A long ramp that follows the contour of the site connects the two levels, forming a dramatic two-story circulation spine along the front of the building, with large windows facing the pond and open field. The gallery spaces are located within an open-topped elliptical “tube” structure that stretches the length of the building, providing shade from direct sunlight while allowing ambient light into the galleries. The wood roof trusses are left exposed to the galleries below, to evoke an open, loft-like feeling within the spaces.

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Site Plan
Model Photo
First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan


Fourth Year Design Studio
Winter 2003
Drexel University, Philadelphia Westphal College of Media Arts and Design
Studio Critic Robert Nalls