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RiverWest Mixed-Income Housing

Peoria, Illinois

RiverWest is a low-income housing development encompassing over 200 homes in downstate Peoria, Illinois that replaces sterile, 1950’s-vintage apartment blocks. The project strives to instill a sense of community in public housing by combining neo-traditional architecture and New Urbanist concepts in neighborhood planning. Development of the project is a public-private partnership that will serve as a prototype for future public housing across the nation.

Project responsibilities included designing and coordinating primary elevations of the housing units, such that each housing unit is unique from all others in the project while still retaining common floor plans and a shared aesthetic vocabulary throughout the development. Other responsibilities included coordinating construction documents among various disciplines, establishing project delivery standards, and supervising project team members.

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Sonoc Architects
Project Principal Scott Sonoc
Project Manager Elizabeth Nickerson